Test Your Bible for Denominational Slants

There are about 600 or more different translations of the complete New Testament in English.

Italicized Words
Does it have italicized words? They should be all over the page not just in one sentence. (Italics are used by some translations to denote Old Testament Quotes so exclude those.)

Literal Translations: They are there.
All other forms of translations: They are NOT there. (There might be a couple exceptions to this rule, but I can't remember any.)

Accuracy & consistency to the Greek:
This is not the easiest thing to explain to a novice so here is really quick overview. You take each Greek word and every time it occurs in the New Testament you render into the same exact English word. The Greek word for "believe" is always rendered "believe" not anything like "have faith in."

The following list is from worst to best (again worst to best): King James Version, KJV; Jay Green Sr.'s Literal Version, LITV, and King James III, KJ3; New King James, NKJ; New American Standard, NASB (1978); Rotherham's Emphasized Translation;  Young's Literal Translation, YT or YLT; Concordant Version, CVNT; Modern Literal Version, MLV.

Generally speaking the more accurate it is, the least likely to have doctrinal bias of the organization or church behind the translation. If you truly want to get to heaven use a literal version, don't trust your soul to other people's opinion of what the Bible says.

Paraphrasing the Greek (Free Style, Dynamic Equivalence, Better than Word for Word, Paraphrase, or combination of those & literal)
Every other translation not mentioned above that is commonly in print or easy to find on the Internet.

John 3:16
If there is a single verse in the Bible that people can quote it is John 3:16.  If there is a single verse in the New Testament that describes why there is a New Testament, again it would be John 3:16. Agree?

This verse is the cornerstone of the New Testament, the belief system, and the core of the belief.  It is also about the first verse some translator(s) will pervert into their belief or opinion.  If you have to change the Word of God, the Bible, to proof your doctrine(s), they can NOT possibly be right!  Agree?

If you don't agree, there is no reason for you to worship God through Jesus Christ his son-- the Devil already owns you.

So now time to do the ACID TEST... is the Bible you own the Word of God or a Perversion of God's Word?

TRUTH - Here is John 3:16 in the most literal way it can be reproduced in English and still be a translation (not an interlinear):
(Modern Literal Version): For* God so loved* the world, that he gave his Son, the only begotten, in order that everyone who is believing in him may not perish, but may have eternal life.

(Young’s Literal Version): for God did so love the world, that His Son -- the only begotten -- He gave, that every one who is believing in him may not perish, but may have life age-during.

ERROR - (Perversion from Pornographer Rupert Murdock’s New International Version and ALL its variations): For God so loved the world that he gave his ONE AND ONLY Son, that whoever believes in him SHALL not perish but have eternal life.
(ONE AND ONLY is promotion of the perpetual virgin Mary, a Catholic doctrine.)
(SHALL makes the statement no longer conditional.  One of those ‘say it, claim it’ or ‘Faith Only’ doctrines.)

So now all the following translations are those that have NOT perverted John 3:16 (again, have NOT perverted):
(bold are NOT specifically paraphrases of the Greek)
ABP Apostolic Bible Polygot 1996
ASV American Standard Version 1901
BBE Bible in Basic English 1964
CJB Complete Jewish Bible
DRB James Darby Translation
EMTV English Majority Text Version
ESV English Standard Version
EVID The Evidence Bible
GNB Good News Bible
GNT Good News Translation
HNV Hebrew Names Version
ISV International Standard Version
JST Joseph Smith Translation 1867 (PERVERTED about everywhere else!)
KJV King James Version 1611
KJV King James Version 1769
LITV Literal Version 2000
MKJV Modern King James Version 1998
MLV Modern Literal Version 1999+ (Still open for Revision by anyone)
Murdock James Murdock New Testament 1851
NASB New American Standard (1978)
NKJ & NKJV New King James Version 1982
NWT New World Translation (Jehovah’s Witness’ PERVERSION) 1984
RHE Douay-Rheims (Old Catholic Translation) 1752
REB? Rotherham Emphasized Bible
RSV Revised Standard Version 1971
RV Revised Version 1881
TMB Third Millennium Bible
WEB World English Bible (no supplied words but semi literal)

PERVERSIONS of John 3:16 and then a whole lot more (again, perversions are below):
(Below are: Burn material! Do NOT even use for commentary reference! You can afford these!)
ALT Analytical Literal Translation 1999-2001
AMP Amplified Bible 1987
CEB Common English Bible
CEV Contemporary English Version
ERV Easy to Read Version
GW God’s Word Translation 1995
HCSB Holman Christian Standard Bible 2009 (no supplied words & specifically made by the Baptist for $$$ and the Baptist)
LEB Lexham English Bible 2010
MSG The Message
NAS New American Standard (1995) (This is a terrible revision of the 1978 version.)
NCV New Century Version
NIrV New International Reader’s Version (PERVERTED about everywhere )
NIV New International Version 1978 (PERVERTED about everywhere )
NIV 2011 New International Version 2011 (PERVERTED even worst about everywhere )
NLT New Living Translation
NRS New Revised Standard
TNIV Today’s New International Version (PERVERTED even worst about everywhere )

(IF you own any of the perversion list directly above DO NOT use them... your soul can not afford them!)


Copyright by Butch Walker 2012. May be freely copied for non-profit uses. Content may not be changed. All Bible quotes are from the Modern Literal Version New Testament (MLV) unless otherwise stated.

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