Institutions Are They Sin or Not?

The following discussion is only for those who wear the name Christian. It is not intended for the unsaved and may be nothing but foolishness to the unspiritual or new convert. These question deal with CONGREGATION vs. INDIVIDUAL member.  (We, as individuals, may use our money anyway we want as long as it is not if the pursuit of sin or sinful activities.)

These are question you should ask about your Denomination even if you claim to be a Non-Denomination. There should be no need to explain why we do not have the authority to add to or take away from the Word of God (Rev. 22:18-19).  We do not have the authority to make man’s laws God’s law.  We do not have the authority to be secular or denominational (1Co. 1:10-15, 3:1-9).  We also as Christians know that the Bible is God-breathed (inspired) (2Tim 3:16).  Christians know that we must work out our own salvation in fear and trembling.  Various doctrines of man that have crept into the congregation of the Lord over time and we, the God fearing Christians, must put an end to these and repent of their evils if we have been practicing such.

1.    Does a “good work” automatically constitute a “work” of the congregation?  (See examples next question.)

2.    Does the congregation have authority or example to support any “Christian” institution or company or business of any kind (not another congregation)?  (Christian is used very loosely here.)
Examples: Christian Colleges, Preaching Schools, High Schools, Orphanages, Fireman Funds, Building Funds of any kind, Missionary Societies, Regional Offices, Anti-Abortion Clinics, Benevolence Funds, Non-Profit organizations and so on...
3.    Are any of the above list “works” of the congregation if so which ones are?

4.    Does the congregation have scriptural authority to support evangelism efforts by companies, missionary societies or regional denominational headquarters?

5.    At what point does a congregation project become an organization?  When it has oversight by non-Christians? When is has partial oversight by non-Christians? When it is not under any congregation oversight? When it hires outside the local congregation? When it hires non-Christians?

6.    If an organization receives State or Government Funds is it a work of the church?
Should it be given any congregational money then?
7.    If congregational supported organizations or businesses are scriptural, then should we pay them to do our evangelism, preaching or teaching for us?

8.    If the congregation has the right to support a Christian College or Preaching School, should it support one who has a teacher(s) who has been disfellowshipped by a scriptural congregation(s)?

9.    If the congregation has the right to support a Christian College or Preaching School, should it support one who has teachers who preach denominational or liberal doctrines?

10.    If the congregation has the right to support a Preaching School for the purpose of training preachers?  Should it support schools of preaching that spend large sums of money on buildings, libraries, fellowship halls?  Are you part of their sin of bad stewardship?
1.    $510,000 for a building that is 1/2 fellowship hall in a school that has only 5 students.  The building is larger than most 200 member congregations’ building.
2.    $1,100,000 for a library that will house 33,000 volumes of material not written by brethren.  This is only for 48 students.
3.    Plus all the rest of the utilities, upkeep or janitorial expenses, bank interest. The bank interest along this money could paid to evangelize millions of non-Christians at this web site for the rest of my life, however long God's lets me live.
11.    Does the congregation have the authority to support a “preaching school” student? If yes, is it  scriptural to support a fund or organization that then distributes money to the students?  (Most Christians call this a Missionary Society. The money hungry liberals just call it a ??? fund.)

12.    If a Missionary Society is scriptural then why not a denomination?

13.    Is it scriptural to support missionaries, preachers to establish a congregation in areas that have no established congregation?

13b. In areas where there is already an existing sound congregation?

14.    Does the congregation have scriptural authority to support another congregation in time of need?

15.    Does the congregation have authority to support another congregation with its “self-made” need?  (They take on a project that they never had the money to complete even partially.)

16.    Does the congregation have the authority to support “on going” efforts of another congregation? One time only efforts?

17.    Does the congregation have authority to support individuals who are missionaries, preachers, evangelist or teachers?

18.    Can we support others before we support our own? Or with more financial support?

19.    Is it scriptural for a congregation to build a fellowship hall with non congregation money? With money taken in during the worship service (offering)?

20.    Does the congregation have authority to send money to help build or remodel an established congregation’s building(s)?

21.    Is it scriptural for a congregation to have the oversight of another congregation’s work?
Example: We have an Eldership here so we oversee the benevolence work of the congregation 20 miles from us.
22.    Is it scriptural for any organization or congregation to dictate policies or orders to another congregation?  Please read this again.

23.    Does any organization or congregation have authority outside of its own doors with anyone or anything but its own members or works?

24.    Does any evangelist or preacher or teacher or Deacon who is not an Elder have any authority outside of what is given to all Christians?

25.    Is it scriptural for a congregation to disfellowship another congregation because it does not support a work that they are doing?

26.    Does the Bible allow a congregation to support a group of missionaries, preaching or college students or evangelists or on the individual only basis?

27.    Is having a congregation treasury scriptural? As most would say it is expedient; then is it sanctified or what it is used for sanctified?

28.    Is it scriptural for a congregation that is not growing in number to keep thousands of dollars in the bank? Tens of thousands?

29.    What is the scriptural way to support another congregation’s Radio or TV Program?
Pay for it yourself?
Send money to a congregation that poles money from other congregations? 
Send money to the congregation that sponsors the program?
30.    Is it scriptural to support denominational congregationes that are doing good works?

31.    Does the congregation have authority to sell books?  For profit?

32.    Are lectureships a scriptural work of the congregation?  If so what is too much money to spend, $5000, $10,000 or more on teaching the congregation? (If you believe Lectureships are evangelism then you don’t attend them!)

33.    Can two congregations in the same city work on a common goal? Examples: Mail out tracts to all who live in the area. Feed the poor in the city?

34.    Can a congregation support in time of need those who are not members of the congregation?
Who never visited the congregation?
Do not live in the general area?


35.    Is the congregation building sanctified? Or is it just a place to assemble?

36.    Is the congregation doing its work if it preaches only the positive or only the negative aspects of the Bible?

37.    Should a congregation mark false teachers who have never assembled locally with them?

38.    Is it authorized by the Bible to mark congregations?

39.    Is it authorized by the Bible to warn of erring congregations?

40.    Should the communion and offering be offered to the whole congregation two times on Sunday or only the ones who missed the morning service?

41.    Is it scriptural to interrogate someone about their past life before baptism?

42.    Are funerals and weddings a work of the congregation?

Many of these questions may not have a black or white or chapter and verse answer. The question most of all you have to ask yourself is, “How far away from book, chapter and verse do you want to go?” IF you don’t like what was said here pick up you Bible and do something about it. Repent, change or find the truth somewhere else other than the congregation where you are.

Copyright by Butch Walker 2012. May be freely copied for non-profit uses. Content may not be changed. All Bible quotes are from the Modern Literal Version New Testament (MLV) unless otherwise stated.

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