1. Only direct commandments.  The Bible says.... I do exactly.
2. Only direct commandments to do or not to do.  The Bible says to do or not to do.... I follow exactly.
3.  It does not say not to ...  (discussion below)
Almost all churches do #2 and a few add a little of number 3. Then we go one step farther so we have:
2a. Do by example also.  The Bible shows us ....  I will do also .... (example the Bible shows the disciples met on the first day of the week to "break bread",  Acts 20:7.  We too have a communion on the first day of the week.)
2b. Do by implication.  The Bible says to do ... So that implies that we can ....  (example the Bible says do all things in an orderly manner, 1Co 14.  So we have song books.)

  1. Under this heading you have to make sure that "song books" are not anywhere in the New Testament (The Last Will of God through Jesus Christ).
3. It doesn't say not to do...  DANGER With this attitude all things are okay at least at first inspection. But look closer at a few of these:

  1. Instrumental music:  does the Bible say "sing" or "play".  Under number 1 above we have direct commandment.
  2. Fellowship halls (not the church building)
  3. Bake Sales or bingo or other money making ideas.
  4. Entertainment.
So you don't see anything wrong with those. Then you can not possibly have a problem with #5 below; same principle

5. Add jelly to the unleavened bread on the communion plate.


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