What Should we Teach?

Every preacher has his own style of teaching. In the past 16 years in the Lord's church, I have been exposed on a regular basis to about 12 different preachers. I have seen the style of at least 50 more in emails and list servers. But I notice something all to often each seem to harp on a couple of subjects or issues regularly.  If you are a preacher then you should preach all the word.  Take a bible (old fall apart one perferably) and everytime you preach a passage highlight it. After one year, what did you preach?  After 5 years, what did you preach? After... Did you get all the New Testament yet? 

So here is my favorite Greek word study of the New Testament(MLV used). It should show what percentage of subjects you as a preacher should be preaching. Each English word and its compounds (verbs, noun, adj., adv.) are listed as one topic.

Jesus Christ / Christ Jesus: 234
Jesus (alone): 727
God: 1341

Encourage and Rebuke?

encourage:  69 times
comfort, console: 38
exhort: 0
build up: 6
rebuke: 26
correct: 7
discipline: 21
reprove: 12

Heaven and Hell

heaven: 307
hell / hades: 30
brimstone: 8

love: 285
righteous: 208
grace: 134
baptize: 116
congregation (church): 118

Are you doing it the right way? Are you teaching the whole bible?  

Copyright by Butch Walker 2012. May be freely copied for non-profit uses. Content may not be changed. All Bible quotes are from the Modern Literal Version New Testament (MLV) unless otherwise stated.

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