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A few million people world wide have visited the Christian Library On-Line and were able to view the Modern Literal Version and download a free copy for non-resale use.

This translation has been open for revision by anyone since 1998, and this is the current result. This was a first in the translation arena. You are invited to participate in the ongoing revision of the “Modern Literal Version.” All who have helped, have contributed something to further the readability or accuracy of this translation or simply double checked all who have worked on this translation. It is time the Bible is back into the hands of the Christian, not some big publishing company out to make money. This translation will continue to stay ‘open’ with a yearly update or “change log” until that is not possible.

Because of this, the "Modern Literal Version" plans to be ERROR-FREE.

Any corrections please email to mlvbible (at) gmail (dot) com with subject line: “MLV”. Unlike all others before it, this translation will be corrected when needed.

We adopted the THE GREEK NEW TESTAMENT: BYZANTINE TEXTFORM (2005) for our text. Major reason it that it is a compilation based off of 65+ manuscripts that represent the 65+ different families of the 5000+ manuscripts in existence; not 2 of the oldest (W&H, UBS, NA), and not just a possible 8 manuscripts (T.R.).

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