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The MLV Bible is the only Open Source translation (same idea as Open Source software).
We too, like programmers need your Feedback. Please send your compliments, ideas, 'thus saith the Greek' corrections or simple typo fixes to:  MLVbible (at) gmail (dot) com
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Old & New Testaments available now in e-Sword & PDF.
e-Sword also has a dictionary module plus Greek which allows anyone the ability to see the English Concordance of the MLV, the Greek word underlying the translation of 99% of the English words, with a Greek Lexicon & a Greek Concordance. A whole reference library in one single e-Sword module. We think it achieves heights that no other bible program has ever achieved especially for free, (3200 pages long at the moment).

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he ONLY error-free translation, (or plans to be).

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(2013 is always the first to be updated with the newest interior file, date uploaded is always put in description.)
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The MLV is sold at NO profit.
Because of this, the MLV will never be available in a standard pew sized hard back Bible unless a lot of money is donated to us. It is extremely unlikely the MLV O.T. will be in print ever, even in paper back. One "Christian publisher" wanted $10,000 up front just to talk to us.
Both web sites are paid for by 2 brothers in Christ.  Updates are seldom maintained as we wish due to complete lack of any funds. It takes all our "horsepower" just to keep up barest minimum. Our prayers are to have available an Old Testament, a Greek Interlinear and an Analytical Concordance to go along with the MLV.  We truly want an ERROR-FREE Word of God and these should help that goal.

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I am honored to be able to help in any way I can with mirroring or bandwidth to spread the news of the GREATEST translation to all the world. Butch Walker