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What about Benevolence?

To do good to others, generally in the sense of physical things, food, clothing, money, etc.   Galatians 6:10 "So then, as we have opportunity, let us work what is good toward all men and especially toward those who are of the household of the faith. " (Modern Literal Version)

Jeffrey W. Hamilton
Questions with Bible Answers:
Can a bake sale be held at a church?
Can a church receive funds from non-believers or an organization?
Can a church support a saint who doesn't believe as you do?
Can brethren choose to have a kitchen and clothing pantry to show love to the needy?
Can money be used from the church treasury to do good for non-Christians?
Can the church use its funds to send flowers?
Can you explain why you talk about benevolence, but then say the church isn't always involved?
Do you think it is right for a congregation to go door knocking while neglecting to help its needy members?
Does Acts 2 justify churches helping the poor in the general population?
How do you distinguish the needy from the wanters?
How do you feel about giving non-monetary aid directly to a congregation?
How do you handle a family in constant financial need?
How should aid be sent to members of the church?
I know I should do more, but I don't have the money. What do you think?
I want to donate to disaster relief, but not to an organization that has wrongful practices. Where do I start looking?
I would like to help the starving kids in Africa, do you know of a trustworthy organization?
If I give a gift, should I not say who it is from?
If the church isn't a social organization, then how are the needy cared for?
Is it wrong to ask for lent money back?
Is there any spiritual work that an individual Christian may do that the church may not? 
Questions about King Joash's financial management
Questions about the use of funds given to the church
Should the church help a family that is constantly in financial difficulties?
Since I Corinthians 16:1-2 was only about one need, then isn't this just an example of how a collection might be taken and not a command for us today?
What can the church do for widows?
What should be done when a foreign preacher asks for money?
What should I do for an ex-Christian who is trying to care for grandchild?
Where do you draw the line between helping and enabling?
Where do you start in helping a young Christian?
Why did Antioch send relief to Judea if the famine was worldwide?
Why do friends take advantage of you?
Would it be wrong to accept a donation from a non-member?
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