Index of Biblical "K-L Topics"
Kerchief Key Kidnapping
Kidney Killing Kindness
Kine (bovine) Kings Kingdom
King's dale Kings, Book of First Kings, Book of Second
Kiss Kite Kneading-trough
Knife Knowledge

Labor Lace Lachrymatory (tear bottle)
Ladder Lake Lama sabachthani
Lamb Lamb of God Lameness
Lamentations Lamentations, Book of Lamp
Lamp Stand
(KJV: candlesticks)
Lance Land
Landmarks Language Lantern
Lapidary Lapwing Larceny
Lasciviousness Laughter Law
Lawsuits Lawyer Laying on of hands
Lazy, Laziness Lead Leader , Leadership
League Learning Lease
Leasing Leather Leaven (yeast)
Leek Lees Left-handed
Legends (inscriptions) Legion Legislation
Legs Lending Lentiles
Leopard Leprosy Letters
Leviathan Levites Lex Talionis
Leviticus, Book of Liars Liberality
Liberal  Libertines Liberty
Liberty, Christian Lice Licentiousness
Life After Death (12 Studies)  Life, eternal  Life, natural
Life, spiritual Life (general topics)  Light
 Lightning Lign-Aloe Ligure
Lily Lime Linen
Lion Litigation Litter
Liver Livery Lizard
Loaves Lobbying Lock
Locust Log Longevity
Loneliness Longsuffering
(KJV for Mirror)
Lord Lord's day
Lord's prayer Lord's Supper
Lost sheep Lot Lot, Feast of
Love Love of Christ Love of God
Love to Christ Love to God Love to man
Love-feasts Lovers Loving-kindness of God
Loyalty Luke, Book of Luke-warmness
Lunacy Lust Lying

Plurals and different verb forms are not listed separately.  If you are looking for "spiritual death" you might need to check "Death" or "Spiritual" for the answer. Most proper names are listed elsewhere.


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