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Unknowingly whenever someone purchases an NIV, Rupert Murdoch who is a billionaire adult TV producer, gets $1; even if Zondervan Publishing Company doesn't make a dime this year. Anyone who uses an NIV is helping to promote Adult ONLY TV, at least by example to others who might buy or use an NIV too.

"This is a collection of resources that point out serious weaknesses in the NIV, weaknesses that are so great that sincere believers should not use the NIV." R.D. Preacher
The way most scholarly Christians refer to the NIV and its variations: The TNIV, Totally NOT Inspired Version, aka the Totally New Insane Version for Christians to use. The NIrV, Not Intended to be Read Version, The New International per-Version, aka the HIV Bible, The Highly Infected Version, aka The New International PerVersion, aka The NOT Inspired Version, aka The Devil's Favorite Translation, aka The New International perVerted Bible, Nutty Idiots Version, aka The 666 Bible, aka The Human Translation (not God's), aka The Denominational Creed Book for All Denominations. 

A.G. Hobbs
NEW INTERNATIONAL VERSION: A Brief, Critical Review  (38 pages)
Wayne Coats
An Abstract on the NIV: New International Version
Brian Yeager A LOOK INTO THE New International Version
Kent Bailey
The New International Version: A Perversion of God's Truth!
Jack H. Williams Interview with a False Teacher

The New International Version (NIV) and English Standard Version (ESV) Full of False Doctrine
Gary McDade A Brief review of the New International Version
Gary Colley The New Translations
The New International Version  (expands on the article above)
Gary L. Grizzell The NIV Is Spiritual Poison

QUESTION: Is the New International Version too dangerous to be used in our classrooms?
Gary W;. Summers A Review of the NIV
TFTW Problems with the New International Version
Jeffrey W. Hamilton The New International Version
Is it dangerous to use the NIV Bible?

Ben F. Vick, Jr. A Review of the New International Version (close window to return here)
Wayne Geeson Why NOT the New International Version: NIV?
Butch Walker The New International per-Version: Part 1 . Part 2 . Part 3

Opps the NIV forgot a lot of God & Jesus & His Teachings

(Hey Rupert give me Zondervan and may be you can escape the hottest fiery pit of Hell for only a deep dark corner.)

B. Walter
From the 'Correct Your Bible' Series: The NIV
Quick Comments
Denominational People are even against it!
Joseph Farrar
TNIV Today's New International Perversion
YouTube Zondervan Bibles OWNED by Rupert Murdoch  (This is a KJV only person but he makes some good points.)

Proper Way to Read an NIV

You tube actually has a lot more, kind of shocking for an entertainment site.

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