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Information & Copyrights

The problem with copyrights are variances in the law, and variances in those same laws from country to country and from year to year. After 1976 everything is copyrighted will "All rights Reserved" unless stated otherwise, that would even include email. 1995 Laws made this copyright even more restrictive. The moment I started typing this web page it became copyrighted material. Another problem is that many religious authors released their material without copyright and some publisher, to make money, placed a copyright on it.  (Thomas Nelson and Vines Dictionary for an example.) We have also seen copyrights placed on Public Domain material because someone changed the original punctuation or its format.

Copyright  laws, also contain sections concerning "FAIR USE RULES." We probably fall into the "Fair Use." This is a non-profit web site that is funded by gifts from non-profit churches and Christians, a library of religious material, displaying tracts and material would promote the sale of the written or electronic material.  But still with the confusion we had to decide what needed to be done. If we believe or have seen that the article, book, or tract is:

Public domain
Freely copy
Reproduce at no charge
Is pre 1976 and contains no copyright on the printed material (many authors want to spread the word of God)
Copyright is expired.
The book is a reprint with no current copyright.
Person or company has been dead over 50 years
Given permission to reproduce
Given to us through upload by the author or publisher
then we will use it within the context of this site.  If we saw any copyright without the "freely copy" then it is not here.

But, if you do own the copyright on any of the material within this site. If you do not want it here. Please contact me and it will be removed immediately. If you want money to let me continue to use your material, I can't afford it.

(inclusive of everything on this site with possible further restrictions stated below)

© Copyright by G. Allen Walker 1998, 1999.  Main index pages, scripts and other such items-- all rights reserved.   You may freely use, reproduce or distribute any of the articles on this web site provided that:

  • The URL: www.christianlibrary.org appears somewhere on the article.
  • It is reproduced in full.
  • Content is not changed.
  • It is at no cost to others.
  • It is not used for any money making or commercial purposes.
  • THE BOOK:  Seven Myths of Denominationalism by David Brown
    Freely copy for non-commercial purposes.

    The "Executable Outlines" Series, Copyright © Mark A. Copeland, 1998
    You may freely use, copy, or distribute this material, provided it is done at no cost to others. "Freely you have received, freely give." (Mt 10:8)

    Other copyrights are on the bottom of each section or page

    Please keep this missionary effort in your prayers. You may link to anything on this web site without permission. 
    You may print anything on  this web site provided you follow the restrictions under the Copyright Section.

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