Did you pay the computer geek for his time yet?


  • To fulfill the Great Commission: Matthew 28:18-20, Mark 16:15-16, Luke 24:47.  To build one another up in love.
  • To give people who do not know God, a non-denominational source for Bible facts and truths.
  • To place a Library for Christians on line.
  • To place a Biblical answer to all Bible questions.
  • To make various translations of the Holy Bible of Jesus Christ available for viewing and comparison.  Literal translations are first on the list.  We would appreciate any help in scanning of translations we do not have.
  • To reference the translations to: Greek & Hebrew Dictionaries; other Bible translations; topical studies; sermon outlines; Bible outlines; commentaries; Bible dictionaries; magazine articles.
  • We currently have a database of 7000+ subjects coded by word(s): How to be Saved; Jesus; born again; 2nd coming; baptism; Christian living; etc.
  • To provide space for scriptural articles and magazines. (Email of such later.)
  • To provide everything to everyone in the world to view for free.


Please keep this missionary effort in your prayers. You may link to anything on this web site without permission. 
You may print anything on  this web site provided you follow the restrictions under the Copyright Section.

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