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What Must I Do To Be Saved From Sin?

Notes:  Christians and non-believers use many expressions that can be placed in this category:



"How to be Born Again?" 
"How to be Born Anew?" 
"How to become a Child of God?" 
"How to become a Christian" 
"How to be saved from sin?" 
"What must I do to be saved?" 
"What must I do to be saved from the punishment of Sin? 
"How do I escape Hell and go to heaven? 
"How do I obey the Gospel?" 
"Do I need to follow the Plan of Salvation?"
SEE Conversions for examples and discussion in that area.

Butch Walker Just The Simple Facts About "How to Be Saved?"
Charles Burke A Christian (becoming and staying one)
Ryan W. Kepke Acts 2:38 Repentence & Baptism**
Thomas Winter
The Truth About Baptism
Can We Be Saved Out Of The Church?...Acts 2:47
Brian Yeager
Am I Ready To Die?**
Almost Persuaded**
Bible Only Teaching
Can I Be Saved by Faith Alone
Can One be Saved Outside the Church?
Conversion Examples of the Bible Parts   One   Two   Three 
Dip Seven Times
Do All Good People Go to Heaven**
Don't Waste Time
Fear of the Lord
Give Me A "Thus Saith the Lord"
God Expects Obedience
Going to Hell With Your Eyes Wide Open
In God We Trust
Necessities of Life
Once Saved Alwats Saved?
Power in the Blood
The Rich Fool
Sin Seperates Us From God
Standing on the Promises
Stumbling Blocks on the Way to the Baptistry
That Book on That Shelf **
The Thief on The Cross
There is a Season
Trusting in the Lord for Salvation**
What Does it Mean to Hear the Gospel?**
What Does It Mean To Work Out Your Own Salvation?**
What Must I Do to be Saved?**
What Will You Give in Exchange for Your Soul?
Who Can Be Saved?
Grady Scott What Must I Do To Be Saved?
Why Follow Jesus?
George William 
And The Door Was Shut...Matt. 25:10
Allen Ruppert Confession (Step 4)
Gary L. Grizzell Are We Saved by Faith Alone
Mickey Hukill Lack of Study**
Mark A. Copeland The Gospel Of Christ
Why Are You Waiting?
WWJD - What Would Jesus Desire?
Accepting The Call Of The Gospel
Let's Make A Deal!
Life After Death (12 studies) *


The problem is that many people have confused teachings about the forgiveness (some translations: remission) of sin.  They have used parts of the Bible written to Christians and applied them to the alien sinner.  The main focal point is: WHEN does a person have the forgiveness of his past sins, obey the Gospel, is born again, becomes a Christian, a child of God and saved from the punishment of one's PAST SINS.  Before this, one is lost with no hope of heaven. THEN as a Christian you are under the Law of God (Christ).  Revelation 2:10 is best suited to describe the journey for the Christian from that point onward, "Be faithful until death and I (Jesus) will give you a crown of life."  The articles above deal with "how to start on the right road to Heaven."
G. Allen Walker Combined Topical Index   Saved From Sin
G. Allen Walker Combined Greek Lexicon 
Conversions Narrow Way Jesus, The Way Out Of Religious Confusion
Disappointments New Christians Face
OPPOSITE: From the Book "Seven Myths of Denominationalism"



Myth 3: We Are Saved by Faith Only
3.1 Why is this Important?
3.2 Definitions
3.3 Why not Faith Only?
3.4 What the Bible Teaches About Faith Only
3.5 What it Means to be Saved by Faith
3.6 What Then Are We Saved By?
3.6.1 Entering into a Covenant Relationship with God
3.6.2 Keeping Ourselves Saved

Myth 4: Baptism is of Secondary Importance
4.1 Why all the Fuss? -- Definitions
4.2 What the Bible Says About Baptism
4.2.1 The Gospels
4.2.2 The Book of Acts
4.2.3 The Letters to the Churches
4.2.4 Other Baptisms Baptism of the Holy Spirit Baptism of Fire Baptism for the Dead The Baptism of John Other Mentions of Baptism
4.3 Common Objections Against Baptism
4.3.1 Salvation is Not by Works
4.3.2 The Thief on the Cross
4.3.3 Paul Not Sent to Baptize
4.3.4 Conversions Which Do Not Mention Baptism
4.3.5 If a Person Got Killed on the Way to Baptism ...
4.4 Is This Important?


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